Plant-based remedies, skincare, and aromatherapeutic products handmade with locally foraged ingredients. All-natural & self-preserving products to heal and beautify! All products are 100% natural, not tested on animals, use no animal by-products, are chemical-free, paraben-free, sulphate-free, gluten-free, naturally dyed, and naturally scented (or unscented in some cases).


Made by Lindsey Kemp, a practicing herbal healer, in Ontario, Canada.


A word from Lindsey:

"I've always been interested in the flora and fauna around me. As a young girl, I remember going on herb walks in northern Ontario, Canada with my grandmother, Gail. She gifted me with a  fundamental knowledge of how to sustainably identify and utilize the edible and medicinal plants that grew around me. I remember making little scrapbooks of all the plants she taught me about (which I later realized were my first Materia Medica!).

Decades later, after living downtown Toronto and graduating with a BFA from OCAD U, I wanted to re-connect with the earth. I began re-reading all the books my grandmother lent me long ago, read every new herbalism book I could find, and took a course in traditional Mexican and Latin American healing (Curanderismo) at the University of New Mexico. I later enrolled in the Certified Herbalist program with Demetria Clark.

It became important for me to share what I learned from others as they had shared their knowledge with me. I began hosting herb walks and preparation workshops. I began creating and sharing herbal salves, infused oils, and aromatherapeutic products. The products began to receive an abundance of positive feedback, and, in an effort to make these products more accessible to others, Soothsayer was born!


I am always learning and always working to perfect and create new formulas as well as share the knowledge I have with others!

Don't hesitate to contact me regarding the hosting of walks or workshops at .